Wood Frame

[Home Bones Wood]

MOB (House for Wood Frame) impresses with its aesthetics, its structural lightness and implementation speed. A house is made out of water, out of air in a few weeks.

The Home Bones Wood proves by its constitution, highly resistant to landslides, earthquakes or various vibrations which it may be. Moreover, wood is a construction material of excellent fire resistance. Wood transmits 10 times slower heat than concrete and 250 times slower than steel.

MOB provides a home, comfortable, warm, energy-saving and environmentally friendly using mostly natural and renewable materials such as wood and wood products.

A Home Bones Wood is scalable by design and thanks to the materials used (wood panels). It is easy to change the MOB as and as the family grows and desires.

  • Frame floor

    Frame floor

  • Floor


  • Floor insulation

    Floor insulation

  • Floor closed

    Floor closed

  • Manufacturing wall

    Manufacturing wall

  • Wall pose

    Wall pose